Balconies and Patios

Outlined below are some regulations used in the building:

• Barbecues are not permitted to be stored on the balcony or terrace area.

• Planters must not be installed on the outer side of the balcony railing

• Do not shake your carpets, area rugs, brooms etc. over your balcony

• Please do not sweep the dirt off your balcony

• Bird feeders are not permitted

• Please refrain from throwing any items off the balcony for example, Cigarette butts, bottle caps or garbage

• Please do not hang articles of any type over your balcony i.e. rugs, clothing

Some of the balconys are equipped with hose bibs, in which case we suggest all water be shut off by the middle of October to avoid freezing the pipes and damage to other suites.

Proper cleaning procedures for cleaning balconies andterraces includes blocking main drain, damp mopping the area and soaking up excessive water prior to unplugging the drain. You are responsible for any damage resulting from not following the above procedure.

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